Perfect Pet Chews

If there is one thing all dog owners agree on, it would be that dogs love to chew and finding the perfect thing for them to focus on is essential. By investing in an antler dog chew from Perfect Pet Chew you will keep your pet healthy and happy.

Antler Knobs

Each year we cut thousands of antlers and it is our goal to use every inch. These knobs and pulls look great whether you are using them for your office desk or kitchen cabinets. They are a great enhancement to any cabinet or drawer and work with almost any decor.

Antler Craft Supply

While creating our more than 400 products, we inevitably end up with pieces not appropriate for our specific needs. Whether you make antler knives, jewelry or custom pistol grip, we can supply you with the best quality antler pieces on the market.

Perfect Paws & Claws

Perfect Paws & Claws is a local, family owned business located at 200 E Washington St, Suite A, Newton IL. We opened our doors to the public in September 2014 and have been serving the local pet community ever since. We pride ourselves on offering unique, quality merchandise with a focus on organic, eco-friendly, natural and holistic products not found in big box stores.

Bullet Crafts

For the firearms enthusiast, we offer a line of novelty items crafted from authentic spent brass including letter openers, fan pulls, keychains, zipper pulls, valve stem caps, hat pins and more.